Hi guys, thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog As Seen On Sinead.


I’m 28, I live in Dublin and I work full time in HR in a corporate services company. I’ve worked in HR for the past 5 years and I started a new job in April 2016 which I love. While working in HR I studied fashion buying at Portabello college and around the same time I attempted to set up a blog however I didn’t follow through with it at the time. I love my work and I love to travel but my one true love is Fashion.

I’m a self-confessed Zara addict and I wear mostly high street style with a few designer pieces mixed in and I tend to over dress all the time. I’m a dressy person in general. It’s seldom you will catch me in a pair of runners unless I’m in the gym or running to and from work. I will feature mainly high street fashion on my blog but as I work in a corporate environment, work wear also makes up a large part of my wardrobe. This is not as exciting as street style but there are tricks to make work wear look exciting and even a little bit chic!

Autumn / Winter are my favorite fashion seasons as they allow you to take fashion into your own hands and really experiment with different styles. I find Winter fashion tends to be more chic and glamorous so setting up this blog now is quite timely.

All in all, this is my little space where I will focus on a subject that I love and I hope you take something away from it whether it’s style tips, ideas or some outfit inspiration. I joined Instagram in May 2017 (I know, very late to the party) but if you would like to see some more outfit pics, please visit me on asseenonsinead.

I hope you enjoy my posts and thanks for stopping by.

ASO Sinead xxx