The Festive Fashion Edit

The run up to Christmas is a very busy time for most people. In addition to buying presents, putting up all the Christmas decorations, and shopping for family and friends, it’s the season when you plan nights with family and friends and catch up with those who you may not have seen in a while. With multiple days and nights out, outfit planning is key. Festive fashion is fun and glam; and different social engagements require varying dress codes.

My advice is to tailor your outfit depending on the location, occasion, and company. Office Christmas parties can be tricky and depending on the type of event your office organises, I would always play it safe. Jeans with a “nice top” will usually do the trick. My go-to store has some gorgeous tops in stock now and I recently purchased this top in Zara.

zara shimmer top
Zara, Shimmer Top, €29.95, can be found here.

With a pair of black jeans and heels it is dressy and the draping material gives that slouchy, effortless look. Body suits with a pair of jeans are always a good option and the body suits in Zara are seamless so you can rest assured you will be VPL free.

The body suits in Zara generally have a very low neck line and if you are not comfortable showing so much skin, double sided tape will do the trick and give you that higher neck line.  Alternatively if you are comfortable with the low cut, using double sided tape, and sticking the top to your skin will prevent any unwanted movement and keep everything in place.

Zara Body Suits
Zara, Bodysuit with Lapel Collar, €39.95 (pictured right), can be found here.                                       Zara, Floral Print Crossover Bodysuit, €39.95 (pictured centre), can be found here.                   Zara, Crossed Bodysuit with Long Sleeves, €39.95 (pictured left) can be found here.


It’s always fun getting glammed up and a night out with your gal pals is the prime time to do it. Someone once said to me that girls’ dress for girls, not for guys, and this is something that resonated with me. My group of girls are some seriously stylish ladies and when we go out together for a night on the town, we dress to impress each other. Sorry guys! Last weekend, I wore a silk, backless dress. I couldn’t deal with the stress of doing a full body tan so I opted for a spray tan – a great decision! The dress was a halterneck style with fringe detailing falling from the collar which gave it nice movement. There was dainty lace detailing around the collar and it tied in a knot at the back of the neck. The dress itself was a steal at €29.95 and it’s in stock in Zara. I have included thee link to it below.

I paired the dress with black sandals which I bought in Carvela two years ago. They are my favourite pair of heels and they proved to be a capsule wardrobe piece. With a halterneck dress, necklaces are usually out of the question so I opted for gold drop chain mail earrings. I wore a black and red Alexander McQueen clutch bag which I purchased in Brown Thomas, it too has proved to be a key capsule piece which I have worn many times. I wore red nail polish and red lipstick which brought a festive feel to the outfit.

The dress and earrings are both from Zara and I have included other items below which would be ideal for that gal pal night out.


Zara Dresses
Zara, Sequined Dress with Fringe, €39.95, (pictured right), can be found here.                             Zara, Velvet Tube Dress, €39.95, (pictured centre), can be found here.                                           Zara, Fringed Dress, 29.95, (pictured right), can be found here.
Zara Dress Blazer
Zara, Dress Blazer, €89.95, can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for stopping by.

ASO Sinead xx

2 thoughts on “The Festive Fashion Edit

  1. Hi Sinead, I really love your outfits and your style! The fact that your the same age as me and work in HR as well is so cool!!!!! I see you are a Chanel-bag lover as well, do you have any tips about it? I’m planning on buying one this year ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, my tip would be definitely do your research as it can help so much when deciding what one to go for. It’s great to chat to someone in a similar profession with a love for fashion. xxxx


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