Winter Wedding Guest

RED is the colour of Winter 2017, which ties in nicely with the festive season! Red always makes an appearance at this time of year however this season designers changed it up as they paired and layered red items together adding a different dimension to how we would usually wear it.  I don’t wear a lot of red however it is a colour that I am happy to embrace; it breaks up the sea of black clothes in my wardrobe!

When I learnt that I had a winter wedding to go to in December in Denmark, I knew a red dress was on the cards. Wedding outfits can be quite tricky to master. For me it’s an opportunity to splurge a little bit more than I usually would on an outfit. I try and avoid wearing something that I would get away with wearing when going out with friends, and since it was my best friend’s wedding I decided on something special.

I started my search online, and ordered a tulle dress from ASOS. When the dress arrived, I tried it on and knew instantly it was not what I was looking for. The dress was returned and I started looking for something else in town. I didn’t have a lot of time and searched in Coast, Ted Baker, Zara etc. but couldn’t find anything that I loved. I went into Brown Thomas and a floor length red dress from Maje caught my eye immediately. Maje is one of my favourite brands and it is a reliable place to go if you are looking for a special piece. They have quirky pieces with unusual patterns and are typically quite boho chic. It’s a French brand which is no surprise as each piece has a boho, feminine quality. You can imagine it being very popular with Parisienne fashionistas!



The dress was floor length at the back and shorter towards the front with thick lace panelling around the ends. It had lace across the chest and sleeves with an elasticated band at the waist which made it very flattering. It was a loose flowing fabric which made it very comfy to eat in, and also to dance in as the night went on. Overall, the dress was very easy to style and didn’t require statement jewellery as it “popped” all by itself. I stuck to my dainty gold jewellery which I wear on a day–to–day basis. I wore a black patent pair of Louboutins and a red and black Alexander McQueen clutch bag.  It was a huge plus that I didn’t need to buy anything to go with the dress which made it easier to part with my cash and helped me justify the buy.


walking down staircase

Spending lots of money does not necessarily guarantee a nicer outfit however when the opportunity arises to splurge a little bit more on clothes, it’s a treat to shop designer brands instead of sticking to the high street. You can find one-off pieces which make you stand out from the crowd and in turn, create that capsule wardrobe. Naturally the type and style of the wedding you are attending can impact your fashion choices however, if like me, you tend to overdress and are comfortable in situations where you are overdressed for an occasion then go for the floor length gown! To me If your fashion choices are making you stand out for the right reasons, go with it and own it.

I didn’t wear tights with the dress, I opted for bare legs and tan. The weather in Denmark is quite similar to Ireland and often it can be unpredictable. My advice would be, if the dress looks better without tights then do without them as most of the day will be spent indoors anyway. I love my comfort and woolly jammies as much as the next person however if you buy that special piece, I wold not compromise it by wearing tights.

If you have a winter wedding coming up look for something special and don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Below are some gorgeous pieces that I found when I was searching for my dress.

folkster dresses
Folkster, Aby Gown – Black, €129, (pictured left) can be found here.                                        Folkster, Valentina Gown – Ruby, (pictured centre), can be found here.                                           Folkster, Loni Gown – Burgandy, (pictured right) can be found here. 



coast short dresses
Coast, Cora Cocktail Feather Dress, €255, (pictured left), can be found here.                             Coast, Plie Lace Dress, €255, (pictured right), can be found here.


navy gowns
Lipsey, One Shoulder Sequin Detail Maxi Dress, €85, (pictured left) can be found here.       Folkster, Loni Gown – Navy, (pictured right), can be found here. 



I hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for stopping by.

ASO Sinead xx.


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